This week, a few of our associates at Sims Academy simultaneously hosted over 300 middle and elementary grade students from ten different schools in the county as they presented a showcase of robotics projects they had created throughout the year.  This was handled through our Zoom cloud-based meeting client so that every class had concurrent access to video, audio, and chat interaction.  The feedback from the participating teachers and students has been phenomenal.

The impact has ranged from one teacher who said, “I think we may have just recruited 20 new engineering students from Holsenbeck Elementary.”  To an impromptu survey initiated by a couple 3rd grader overheard at the Statham Stampede. “Who wants to go to Sims Academy?” one student yelled, while a dozen students in earshot threw up their hands.  None of which had any clue that anyone was watching and listening their little STEAM Party.

In the 50 minute showcase, students enrolled in Mr. Mathis’s mechatronics pathway courses who are also members of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and Vex Robotics Competition teams demonstrated and answered questions about the designing, building, programming processes, and performance of their competitive robots.  The students also provided a bit of insight on the competitions themselves and the wide variety of opportunities that they have at the Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology.

The archive of the video session is provided below for teacher and student use.  If you are a Barrow County teacher, community member, or parent, and would like to know more about this or other STEAM opportunities that are possible for you to get involved in, just email the STEAM Integration Specialist,  I would be happy to work with you.