3rd graders in Brittney Edwards class at Statham Elementary presented their Wax Museum of Historical Figures today, and what a showcase of learning and engagement is was!

Students chose from historical figures who expanded people’s rights and freedoms such as Susan B. Anthony, Paul Revere, Cesar Chavez, Frederick Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, and Mary McLeod Bethune listed in social studies standard SS3H2, and through research, script writing, building timelines, and compare/contrast venn diagrams took on those personas in a classroom wax museum.

The fine arts-integration in this learning activity was very well done and quite effective.  Mrs. Edwards’ students  have obviously formed some long-lasting and deeply rooted understanding through the depth and variety of experiences  involved in this project.  Incorporating visual arts, each student selected a small representative collection of photos of their figure, and then created their own portrait of the individual.  Combining both language and theatre arts expectations, they created first person narrative scripts using key information about various parts of their figure’s life.  The animation and character traits that the students worked hard to bring to life each time their buttons were pushed was wonderful, and a joy to witness.

As I moved through the museum, I was struck by how much each student seemed to thoroughly enjoy this project, and how excited they all were to showcase what they had learned.  Which was a good thing because classes of other third graders were lined up at the door to take their own tour of the 3rd grade wax museum.