In an earlier post this year, I shared how Pam Sloan’s students were partnering with the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. Collaboration through video conferencing and live streaming tours of the museum with the facility director have taken place, and now the students are literally getting their hands dirty. The Dinosaur Center has sent each student a freshly extracted rock from their dig site containing Hadrosaur fossils.  It is now the students’ jobs to clean and prepare these encased fossils for viewing.

These students are applying their knowledge of the sixth grade Earth Science standards to attempt to identify and analyze their fossils.  The project is also a includes a cross-curriculum collaboration with their teacher Mr. Jeff Johnson through their Engineering & Technology class.  Students are using a combination of hand tools, power tools, and safety equipment to carefully process these prehistoric artifacts.  Some of the equipment and tools being used have been purchased through a generous donation from the Georgia Power Foundation, another great STEAMmate of the Barrow County School System.

Barrow teachers interested in developing their own STEAM partnership projects can contact the STEAM Integration Specialist or leave a comment below.