What would Martin Luther King Jr.’s Instagram page look like today?

If Presidents Kennedy and Obama were facebook friends, what would their conversations look like?

Ysheena Lyles’ 7th Grade English Language Arts students at Bear Creek Middle School have published three walls full of amazing content that you just have to see to believe. Bringing together a number of Georgia’s ELA standards with the context of Black History Month, and integrating mobile and desktop computing with augmented reality, Mrs. Lyles has challenged her students with a project-based learning assignment rich with critical thinking, problem solving, and loads of creativity.

The details of the STEAM challenge, including its incorporated standards, are given in the following document.

Once student research and analysis was completed, and students began to create their own writings within the provided social media templates to bring the historical perspectives into modern social media environment.

Take a look at a couple student products.


The creativity didn’t stop there.  To put the content creation portion over the top, each completed social media template included one area of augmented reality to make their individuals or events come to life.  Students seemlessly blended multiple apps such as Aurasma,  Chatterpix, iMovie, Google Drive to publish authentic creations that addressed multiple ELA standards and 21st century skills.


The videos below demonstrate the augmented reality capabilities layered onto the students’ creations.

If you are interested in developing STEAM activities for your own Barrow students or want to learn more about integrating technology and 21st century skills into your classroom environment, contact the STEAM Integration Specialist or leave a comment below.