Third grade students from Yargo, Bethlehem, and Statham Elementary schools had a special video chat with veterinary epidemiologist, Emily Lankau, who is a member of the Athens Technical College Bio-Tech Department.  The students took the opportunity to discuss the life science that they have been studying about organisms, habitats, and ecosystems with a real scientific expert.  Dr. Lankau is also an Eco-Health consultant and has worked with the USDA, the CDC, and numerous zoos, bio-tech companies, and universities.  During the session, Dr. Lankau spoke with students about the educational path that led her to the job that she loves so much, and allowed students to grill her with many very difficult questions about her projects.

Dr. Lankau, as a STEAMmate of our schools, has graciously waived all of her consultant fees, and welcomes any of our classes, regardless of grade level, to conference with her as an outside resource.  If you or your students have any interests in such a conference, please contact me, and I will set something up for you.