In art class, Mrs. Paquin’s 5th grade students at Yargo Elementary are going through the process of designing a Victorian-style home.  So, to help keep the doors open for these potential future architects, we set up a video chat session with a professional architect who turned out to have some local connections.  On December 17th, the students were able to get some expert advice on their upcoming art project by holding a video conference with Architect Becky Pope.  Students asked Mrs. Pope about her inspirations for specific buildings she had designed and for becoming an architect in the first place.  They asked about how the architecture industry worked, specifically the firm she worked for, and if she had designed any buildings that they may have seen before.  This is where the students were especially surprised.  Mrs. Pope is the architect behind Haymon-Morris Middle School, the very school that these students can see through the windows of their classroom, and the middle school that they are all attending next year.  It was a very engaging conversation for our students, and we thank Mrs. Pope and her partners for being such great STEAMmates with our schools.