Did your students participate in the Hour of Code last week? According to the Hour of Code website, over 77 million students have tried an hour of code.  My own children, a 3rd grade boy and a 5th grade girl, both participated in Hour of Code activities.  My daughter not only progressed through a number of drag-and-drop-style coding platforms, but was so captivated that by week’s end she was writing JavaScript code at home rather than sitting idle in front of the latest episode of My Little Pony.  She said to me that the block-type programing was fun, but she wanted to do some real programming.  She worked on Code Maven.  Just by watching her, I multiplied my own knowledge of javascript a hundred fold.  I am convinced that this year’s Computer Science Week has absolutely broadened the minds of my children in a positive way.  Whether or not this leads either of them to pursue a lifelong career in computer science is yet to be seen.  However, I can guarantee that neither of them thinks that such a path is beyond their ability, and that’s good enough for me.

Got an Hour of Code story of your own to share?  I’d love to hear it.