Although Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code isn’t officially until next week, third graders at HES got a head start this week by building some robots to that will bring next week’s coding to life.  Using robotics kits granted to the school last year through a partnership with UGA and Korean robotics company, Roborobo, students built an introductory robot that includes a CPU board, LEDs, and a motor.  Next week, students will begin writing computer code that will be downloaded to the CPU of the robot.  From this simple introduction of robotics, these students can continue to develop their programming, critical thinking, and problem solving skills using them to their advantage in any number of situations in or outside the classroom.  Barrow’s partnership with UGA and Roborobo is expanding, so if you have any interest in adding robotics and computer science to your classroom curriculum, leave a comment, and let me know.