Some of Pam Sloan’s students are working with the Wyoming Dinosaur Center through Zoom videoconferencing and hands-on activities to bone up on their 7th grade life science standards.  Earlier this school year, the students were given a live-streaming iPhone tour of the Dinosaur Center by their lead research partner, Mrs. Jessica Lipponscott.  After the tour, the students had a videoconference with her to discuss their plans for the rest of the year.

Wyoming VC thumb 1

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center will be sending the students some fossil remains from the Morrison Formation, a rock unit from the Late Jurassic Period.  Over the school year , the students will learn how to properly prepare the fossil for museum display.  Through this STEAM collaboration project, the students will study the time period that the organism lived, other organisms that lived at the same time in the same area, where this organism resided in the food web, and adaptations that allowed for the organism’s success.

morrison mapmorrison bones

We look forward to seeing how the project progresses over the year.  Barrow teachers interested in establishing their own STEAM Partnerships can contact Lee Bane, the BCSS STEAM Integration Specialist.