STEAM in the Barrow County School System

In the Barrow County School System, STEAM education is an integrated instructional approach where any core content is experienced by the students in ways that recognize, emphasize, or utilize any combination of the following.

    • Scientific and Engineering Practices
    • Mathematical Thinking
    • Technology-based Tools and Resources
    • Artistic Design and Creativity

The best examples deliberately create a seamless integration of these elements.  Teachers designing such instruction could scientifically think of STEAM as a compound versus a mixture, where the components cannot be separated by simple means.  Students engaged in STEAM learning are expected to utilize all four C’s of 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Pedagogically, STEAM is very student-focused, project- or problem-based, and always includes some form of student presentation or performance.  This performance aspect of STEAM is where Arts-integrated teaching practices become a powerful tool in the hands of the instructor.  The purpose of STEAM is to maximize student engagement in ways that support student ownership of learning.

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