Google Slides: Build a Snowman Writing Activity

Eric Curts, of Control Alt Achieve, has created a great winter-themed writing activity in Google Slides called Build a Snowman!  If you used his Build a Jack-o-Lantern or used Kelley Costa’s Disguise a Turkey creation, then this works on the same premise.

Each student receives their own copy of the slide deck where they are given a blank snowman with a space to write.  The following slides includes a wide variety of items, such as noses, arms, eyes, feet, hats, hair etc, to dress up the snowman.   As a former French teacher, I think this activity would work just as easily in a language classroom as it does in an elementary classroom.

Eric has provided not one but TWO templates.  The original version has a snowman that can be moved on the slides, while version two keeps the snowman “in place” as part of the background so it can’t be moved around, which may make it easier for younger students to “dress”.    You can find both templates on his site.

He has even created a tutorial video, which you can see below.