New Google Slides Features!!

To say I am a bit excited about these new Google Slides features is quite an understatement!!  But, there is NOW a drop shadow feature for images and TEXT in Google Slides.  Finally!  Forget about duplicating your text, making the background text black and then offsetting it to mimic a drop shadow.  It’s now all a matter of a couple of clicks to achieve that effect.    Take a look at the difference.  The top option is where I had to layer and offset my text, while the bottom shows the new text shadow feature.

Reflection is another new feature that has been added.  Although it isn’t one that I have often used in my Power Point days, it’s still a nice addition, and it works with animated .gif files, too.


This third feature isn’t nearly as exciting as the first two, but I also don’t recall seeing it before either.  You can change the shape of borders at the corners.  If you have an image or a text box with a straight edge, there are options for rounded corners, beveled, mitered, butt cap, square cap, etc.  Select your object first and then go to Format – Borders and Lines – BorderDecorations to see these choices.   Click here for a quick screencast on these features.

Author: Caroline Bucky-Beaver

I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Barrow County School System. I provide professional learning on a variety of instructional technology topics, as well as providing support for this iPress Portal and our GSuite domain.

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