Disguise a Turkey! Thanksgiving Writing Activity with Google Slides

Disguise a turkey

Kelley Costa (@costasecond), a 2nd grade teacher at County Line Elementary School, recently shared that her students had so much fun with Eric Curt’s Build a Jack-O-Lantern Google slides writing activity, she was inspired to create a similar Thanksgiving-themed activity.  So here we have “Disguise a Turkey”!

Kelley builds the activity by letting students know that the turkey is in big trouble.  They listen to the story Turkey Trouble, which gives them some ideas on how to disguise the turkey and keep him safe.

From there, students are given several slides worth of items they can use to build a disguise for their turkey.  Once disguised, they can then write their descriptive paragraph or imaginative story.   You can preview her slides below and make your own copy here.