Book Creator for Chrome: Why Integrate It?

I recently posted about an app/website called Book Creator that has just been released for use in the Chrome browser.  If you’ve never heard of or tried Book Creator, please be sure to look through that content since there are three tutorials that will help get you started.

When I look for great apps and sites, I focus on content creation, asking “How can students demonstrate their learning with this tool?”  I also like to look at some of the final products produced through the site or app through the SAMR lens, too.   Depending on the end product created, artifacts published through Book Creator can range from Augmentation to Modification.   If the created book is basic text and images, then Book Creator has acted as direct tool substitute, with functional improvement.  The improvement being that the platform has a great suite of basic tools and the final product can be shared within a class library and shared publicly.  Higher levels of SAMR can be reached with the integration of multimedia elements, such as links, audio and video in the book.

Aside from SAMR, with Book Creator students are given a platform to show their creativity, content knowledge and critical thinking skills required through the design of the book and the development of its content.  Although students cannot directly collaborate on a single book, with the iPad app or the Chrome version, teachers can combine individual student books into one publication. 

Book Creator has also recently added capability to import content from your Google Drive!  

Wondering about specific ideas for how it can be used in the classroom? Check these out:

And check out this Thinglink of Ideas, too!

Author: Caroline Bucky-Beaver

I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Barrow County School System. I provide professional learning on a variety of instructional technology topics, as well as providing support for this iPress Portal and our GSuite domain.

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