Book Creator Comes to Chrome!!

What is Book Creator, you may be asking?  It’s a SUPER iPad app used to create digital books and comics and is NOW available via Google Chrome!!  Don’t let the simplistic interface fool you when you first poke around.  It’s an incredibly powerful tool that’s suitable K – 12.  Even the youngest of learners can create a book.

While when we think of “books”, our minds drift to Language Arts, Book Creator is a universal app that could be used in just about any content area, due to the diversity of tools available to create your book.

Limits and Price?
While on the iPad using the free version of their app, you’re limited to creating 1 free book, in Chrome, a teacher can have a classroom of students with 1 library that contains up to 40 books for free!!  Students can also create a single-page book or comic, which you can then combine into one book, freeing up room in your library.   Book Creator does offer upgrade options if you need additional storage space for books.   The next level offers 180 Books for $60/year and $120/year for 1000 books.

So how do you get started?  Check out these step-by-step directions on how to setup your account and your library so students can participate.

Click on the image below to view a Book Creator book, which demonstrates the basic functions of this site! 

And if you prefer a video, here’s one by Richard Byrne of Practical Ed Tech