Google My Maps: How to Use It

Have you heard about Google My Maps?  A while back, by going directly through Google Maps, you could create a personalized map, which could be shared with other users as view only or allow them to collaborate.   Google removed the ability to create your own map, but has since integrated it into Google Drive!

These personalized Google maps are still accessible in Google Maps, too, but by placing them into Google Drive, it makes the creation and sharing process far easier.

To create your own map, go to Google Drive, click on New – More – then Google My Maps.

Or go to 

For a list of “How To’s” with Google My Maps, check out this page from Educators Technology.

Why would you want to integrate Google My Maps into your classroom?  Check out these suggested educational applications:

  • Multiple layers can be used for showing data differences on a year over year or month over month basis.
  • You can display the same data with different base layers for comparison.
  • Students working collaboratively on a map can be responsible for editing their own layers on the same map.
  • If you’re using My Maps to have students create literature trips (look here for inspiration), they can create a different layer for each chapter of a book.
  • Students mapping the history of an event like the U.S. Civil War can create a different layer for each year of the war. (source -FreeTech4Teachers)

Need a tutorial?  Try these videos.