Have You Met Flipgrid?

Have you met Flipgrid yet?  It’s a platform for using video to “ignite student discussion and engagement” according to Flipgrid.     It’s an awesome platform where teachers can set up an environment for students to respond to discussion questions, voice their opinions, debate a topic and more.   Think about it in terms of students telling what they know, a great formative assessment tool.  What I particularly love about Flipgrid, is that there is no requirement for student accounts.   Once you setup your teacher account, students only need a link, a QR code or a code to enter your classroom grid and post their response.  

For mobile devices, students will need to access your grid through the Flipgrid app.  However, on Chromebooks or computers, they only need a browser and a camera with a mic, so Chromebooks are the perfect tool for students to use with this site.

Flipgrid offers two account types: Flipgrid One, which is their free version and Flipgrid Classroom, which costs $65 for a year.    Although the free version of Flipgrid (Flipgrid One) doesn’t offer all of the extended features of Flipgrid Classroom, it is still a very powerful tool to integrate into your classroom.

Need some ideas about how to use Flipgrid before trying it out? Check out Flipgrid’s Integration resources, which include ideas for a variety of subject areas.

Below is a sample Flipgrid from my own account.  Since I have embedded the link to my grid here, I am requiring a name and email to help prevent spammers :-), but with students, you don’t have to enable that feature.


Author: Caroline Bucky-Beaver

I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Barrow County School System. I provide professional learning on a variety of instructional technology topics, as well as providing support for this iPress Portal and our GSuite domain.

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