Finally! Use Video from Google Drive in Google Slides!!

“How can I use video from my Google Drive in a Google Slides presentation?”

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been asked that question, but the answer, until today, has always been, “You can’t.”  Ugh! I hate giving people negative responses like that, but it was the truth. Before today, you had to upload your video to Youtube first and then you could include it in a Google slides presentation.

Thankfully, that has now changed!!  To include your own video in a Google Slides presentation you MUST first upload it to your Google Drive.   That’s the only hitch to get it to work.  I will also warn you that it may not play immediately as Google has to “render” the movie, so give it a few minutes, but it will work.   The awesome Richard Byrne of Free Tech For Teachers has created the short video shown below on the process of inserting video into your Google Slides presentation.